Snowfall of Gifts

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Start: December 30, 2023

End: January 31, 2024

Snowfall of Gifts

All players currently in the game will automatically receive gifts in their in-game mailbox.

Snowfall of gifts occurs once within the specified time interval.

Day Interval
30 Saturday 1 gift / 50 min.
31 Sunday 1 gift / 40 min.
1 Monday 1 gift / 40 min.
Other days 1 gift / 2.5 h.

Characters in @afk, @autotrade, training, or inactive for more than two hours do not receive rewards.

About the Gifts

Each gift may contain one of the items listed below.

Quantity Name
1-3 Coin.gif Newstyle Coin
3-10 Battle badge.png Battle Badge
1 7621.png Token Of Siegfried
1-3 30857.png Quest Skip Ticket
1-3 33034.png Special Rent Ticket
1-10 12211.png Kafra Card
1-3 12214.png Convex Mirror
1-10 12212.png Giant Fly Wing
1-3 12210.gif Bubble Gum
1-3 12208.png Battle Manual I
1 12411.gif Battle Manual II
1-10 22998.gif Credit Coupon
1 12103.png Bloody Branch
1-5 Scroll.png Blessing Scroll
1-5 Scroll.png Increase Agility Scroll
1-3 Homfood.gif Royal Pet Supplement
1 Homfood.gif Royal Pet Food
1-3 12208.png JOB Battle Manual
1-3 Winter box.gif Winter Box
2 6833.gif Token Of Siegfried
1 12411.gif Battle Manual II
3 12208.png Battle Manual I
3 12208.png Job Battle Manual
3 12210.gif Bubble Gum
1 14588.png Ancient Scroll
1 Kafra box.png Kafra Box
1-2 6241.gif Purified Elunium
1-2 6910.gif Purified Oridecon
1 7619.gif Enriched Elunium
1 7620.gif Enriched Oridecon

Special Prizes

Three special prizes are randomly awarded first three days at different times.

One online player is randomly selected to receive a special prize.

A player can only become the recipient of a special prize once.

Day Special Prize Winner
30 Saturday 100 Winter box.gif Winter Box SleepingForest
1500 22998.gif Credit Samik
300 Coin.gif Newstyle Coin Na1L
31 Sunday 600 Coin.gif Newstyle Coin Bergamut
150 Winter box.gif Winter Box Ganareika
3000 22998.gif Credit Bingus
1 Monday 300 Coin.gif Newstyle Coin Hy64eG
1500 22998.gif Credit Zews
100 Winter box.gif Winter Box XBocmuK