Ancient Scroll

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The scroll from ancient era. Ancient scroll icon.png

Ancient Scroll


The item is used to create rare items of the Ancient Blacksmith.

Obtainable From


  • Issued as a reward for participation in some events

Monster Hunting

When hunting specific monsters there is a chance (0.01%) to get the scroll.

Am Mut Dark Illusion Goblin Leader Mutant Dragonoid
Ancient Worm Despero of Thanatos Gryphon Mysteltainn
Angeling Deviling Hydrolancer Odium of Thanatos
Archangeling Dolor of Thanatos Killer Mantis Ogretooth
Baroness of Retribution Dragon Fly Kobold Leader Panzer Goblin
Bloody Knight Eclipse Lady Solace Skeleton General
Cat o' Nine Tails Executioner Maero of Thanatos Toad
Chepet Gajomart Mastering Vagabond Wolf
Chimera Gemini-S58 Maya Purple Valkyrie
Dame of Sentinel Ghostring Mistress of Shelter Vocal

MVP Monster Hunting

Drop Rate
1% 10% 25%
Amon Ra RSX-0806 Assassin Cross Eremes
Atroce Celine Kimi Beelzebub
Baphomet Detardeurus Entweihen Crothen
Dark Lord Fallen Bishop Hibram Great Demon Baphomet
Doppelganger Gloom Under Night High Priest Magaleta
Dracula Hardrock Mammoth High Wizard Katrinn
Drake Kiel D-01 Ifrit
Eddga Lady Tanee Ktullanux
Egnigem Cenia Nidhoggr's Shadow Lord Knight Seyren
Evil Snake Lord Tendril Lion Naght Sieger
Garm Vesper Sniper Shecil
Golden Thief Bug White Lady Thanatos Phantom
Gopinich Valkyrie Randgris
Lord Of Death Whitesmith Harword
Maya Wounded Satan Morroc
Moonlight Flower
Orc Hero
Orc Lord
Samurai Specter
Stormy Knight
Tao Gunka
Turtle General