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List of commands that can be used to activate certain functions, obtain information, configure the account, and much more. Commands are entered in the chat, preceded by the symbol '@'.

Standard commands

Command Description
@autoloot Enables auto loot items.
@alootid Enables auto loot items by ID.
@autotrade Puts the character with an open store in AFK mode, keeping the character in the game.
@afk Puts the character in AFK mode, keeping the character in the game.
@hold Keeps the character in the current position.
@refresh Synchronizes the character's position with the server.
@emotion / @dance Triggers a series of emotions and movements.
@duel / @invite / @accept / @reject / @leave Challenges a specified character to a duel. Duel management.

Special commands

Command Description
@settings Opens the account settings menu. Through this command, you can change the account rates, enable automatic activation of certain standard commands upon logging into the game, activate or deactivate special abilities when interacting with NPCs, adjust sound, interface, and much more.
@backpack Opens temporary backpack.
@shake Enables/disables 'shake' effect.


Enables party buff display function.

[B] Blessing / [A] Increase Agility / [F] Full Chemical Protection / [S] Soul Link / [+] Devotion

@searchstores (common account) Allows searching for items in vending stores. Also indicates the location where the searched item is sold.

(premium account) Allows searching for items and immediately purchasing items remotely, but it is not possible to buy consumable and healing items.



Shows the coordinates of traders who sell or buy a specific item. Displays the coordinates on the minimap.
@combine Allows for quick combining of certain items (e.g., rough elunium into elunium). Also used to convert materialized Newstyle Coins into the account's balance.
@create Allows you to automatically create certain items in AFK mode (eg. potions for alchemists).
@open Allows you to quickly open loot boxes: Gift Box, Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, Kafra Box.

@ltp on @ltp off

@ltp: displays in the chat the coordinates of the last point on the map from which teleportation was performed and also shows the point on the mini-map.

@ltp on: when teleporting, the point on the map from which teleportation was performed is automatically displayed on the mini-map.

@ltp off: disables automatic display of points on the mini-map and clears the mini-map of previously displayed markers.

@myrates Shows the current rates on the character, taking into account most bonuses.
@count 'Monster ID' Shows the number of defeated monsters with a specific ID throughout the gameplay on the account.
@bonfire Displays the progress of cards burned in the bonfire, a list of bonuses, and the accumulated amounts of bonuses.
@support Creates a support ticket. The status can be tracked through the personal account on the website.
@joinevent Allows quickly warp to location of several events.


Команда Описание
@lgp Enables/disables LGP mode.
@square <on/off/1-18> Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.
@circle Displays circle around the character.
@aoes Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.

Informational commands

Command Description
!ping Shows statistic of connection.
@commands Displays the list of available commands.
@rates Shows the current server rates.
@time Shows the current server time.
@showexp Enables the display of incoming experience.
@mobinfo / @mi Shows information about a specific monster, including the drop list.
@whereis Shows the locations where a specific monster appears.
@whodrops Shows the monsters that drop the specified item, along with the drop chance.
@iteminfo / @ii Shows information about an item.
@hominfo / @homstats Shows the statistics of your Homunculus.

Battle Royal and Battleground commands

Command Description
@joinbr Join Battle Royal match
@spectator Puts a defeated player in spectator mode. When used again, removes the player from Royal Battle mode.
@gettime Shows the battle time for the current location
@getspot Displays the recent spawn points of mini-bosses, treasure chests, and MVPs on the mini-map.
@joinbg / @joinbg_party / @joinbg_guild

@leavebg / @bgtime

Join, leave and get information about the Battleground