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Premium is a special product of the Kafra Corporation that provides a range of advantages, making the gameplay more comfortable.

You can purchase and activate premium through the Kafra in Prontera, as well as through the Kafra Shop, accessed by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Comparison Table

Below is a table showing the majority of differences between accounts.

Description Difference between accounts
Regular Account Premium Account
Base and Job Experience +0% +50%
Item Drop Rate +0% +50%
Free Healer (per character) 15 times per day 30 times per day
Account storage 600 slots 900 slots
@autoloot | Auto loot items available available
@alootid | Auto loot items by ID available after quest available
@create | Create certain items in AFK mode unavailable available
@refresh | Character position sync unavailable available
@open | Allows you to quickly open loot boxes unavailable available
@ltp | Show the last teleport point unavailable available
@searchstores | Search and remote purchase search for a store on a map remotely buy from any store
@joinevent | Quickly join some events unavailable available
Kafra restock system unavailable available
Autoloot items for idle characters 2 minutes 5 minutes
Safe Abra | Do not allow to skip MVP summon skill unavailable available
Special features in Battle Royal unavailable available

Premium Battle Royal

Premium access unlocks certain features within the Royal Battle.

  • Auto-targeting skills are available and work on enemy players (activated through the @settings command).
  • Some items are automatically used when obtained by the character:
    • Weapon Box
    • Armor Box
    • Skill Book

Duration and Cost

7 days (1 week) 99 credits
30 days (1 month) 300 credits
90 days (3 months) 850 credits
180 days (6 months) 1500 credits

Premium Trial Period

A free trial period of premium is given for three days to all new players.

To activate the trial period, the player needs to leave the starting location, exit the game, and log back in.

The system will automatically offer to activate the premium trial period upon re-entering the game.

The trial premium is given only once per account.