Human vs. Goblins

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Event instance designed for a single adventurer.

Unsuccessful encounter with goblins.


Access is granted after completing the boy's quest.

Entry is available once a day, but only once per account.

The timer resets at 04:00 server time.


  • Inside the instance, several goblins and their leader await the adventurer.
  • Entering the instance requires a certain amount of zeny. If the adventurer succeeds, the zeny will be returned; if not, it won't be.
  • For successfully completing the instance, the adventurer receives 5x Sweet Coin and 25x Cacao Bean.
  • With each subsequent entry, the HP, ATK, and other stats of the goblins increase.
  • The adventurer who completes the trials more times than anyone else on the server receives a special prize.

Special Prize

The adventurer who completes the trial the most times by the end of the goblin event receives a special prize.

The end of the goblin event is considered to be the date when the statistics of the top 10 players have not changed in an increasing direction for three consecutive days.

If more than one adventurer has the highest number of completions, the winner will be determined through a PVP tournament.

Only characters on the participant's goblin event account can participate in the PVP tournament. Refusal to participate or being late is considered a loss.

The special prize is the unique and one-of-a-kind Baphomet Mask [Costume]. Rumors say that at the most inappropriate moment, the real Baphomet may appear before its wearer!

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