Search of Love

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Start: February 14, 2024

End: March 6, 2024


Stage I - First Meeting

A girl and her son arrived in Prontera from a distant land.

They brought with them many delicious and interesting things for a bright and colorful February day.

The girl is so busy that she asks an adventurer to entertain her son and bring him something tasty.

The boy is ready to accept sweets from the adventurer: candies, cakes, lollipops, and cookies.

Each successfully given sweet increases the sweetness progress by 1.

If you offer the boy something he doesn't want, the progress will decrease by 5 to 10 units.

Once the sweetness progress reaches 100, the child will thank you.

Access to the "Human vs. Goblins" instance and the Sweet Shop will be unlocked.

Be careful! If you have more sweets than needed, the boy will take them all!

After a certain number of adventurers complete the boy's quest, the next stage of quests will be unlocked.

Stage II - King's Tasks

After a brief story, the girl, on behalf of the king, is ready to assign a task to the adventurer.

Tasks are divided into daily and weekly ones.

Rewards for completion: 5 x Sweet Coin 33180.gif

You can complete 3 daily tasks per day and 7 weekly tasks per week.

Some tasks are randomly generated for each adventurer.

Each task can only be taken on one account.

Types of daily tasks:

  • [BR] Defeat players (7)
  • [BR] Hunt monsters (500)
  • [BR] Hunt mini-bosses (5)
  • [BR] Find treasures (3)
  • [BG] Win the match (2)
  • [BG] Participate in matches (5)
  • [BG] Defeat players (15)

Types of weekly tasks:

  • [BR] Win the match (1)
  • [BR] Defeat players (20)
  • [BR] Hunt monsters (5000)
  • [BR] Hunt mini-bosses (25)
  • [BR] Find treasures (10)
  • [BR] Hunt MVP (1)
  • [WOE] Defeat players (20)
  • [WOE] Deal Damage (100.000)
  • [BG] Win the match (5)
  • [BG] Participate in matches (15)
  • [BG] Defeat players (40)

Stage III - Void

After a heartfelt conversation with the girl, the daring adventurer decided to embark on a dangerous quest - the search for her lost love.

No one could foresee the trials and mysteries that awaited him on this journey.

This adventure will not only change his own life but also the entire world around him.

Sweet Coins and Cocoa Beans

During the event period, completing quests and hunting monsters will reward you with Sweet Coins and Cocoa Beans.

These items can be used as currency in the Sweet Shop.

33181.gif Cacao Bean Dropped by monsters 1% + (0.01 * Mob Lv.)%
Collection quests, hunting quests, and elite hunting quests 5-25 / quest
'Human vs. Goblins' instance 25 / instance
33180.gif Sweet Coin Collection quests, hunting quests, and elite hunting quests

(only for characters level 90 base and above)

1-3 / quest
'Human vs. Goblins' instance 5 / instance

** The drop rate of items cannot be increased by bonuses (gum, account settings, happy hours, etc.).

Sweet Shop

An event shop where you can purchase useful and rare items using Sweet Coins and Cocoa Beans.

33182.gif Chewy Macaron
33183.gif Fruit Parfait
33184.gif Strawberry Cupcake
33185.gif Chocolate Drink
Winter box.gif Winter Box
18527.gif Jack Treasure
12103 .gif Bloody Branch
Green box.gif Infinite Concentration Potion Box (3 days)
Green box.gif Infinite Awakening Potion Box (3 days)
Green box.gif Infinite Berserk Potion Box (3 days)
HeartChocoBag.gif [Backpack] Love Candy Pack
WingOfHeart.gif [Backpack] Wing of Heart
C Seraphim Wing TW.gif [Backpack] Seraphim Wings
C LOVELY HEART CAP.gif Lovely Heart Hat
·Їєк№Я±Ч·№.gif Love Cheeks
C BABY PANDA.gif Baby Panda
LOVE FEELING.gif Love Feelings
Butt.png Black Fluttering Butterfly
C SNACKPARTY.gif Sweets Party