Newstyle: Royal Adventures
Server based on Pre-renewal with adding new mechanics of discovering the world, upgrade your character and the first 'Battle Royal' mode in the world. 
Server Information
Max. level 99/70
Episode 13.2 (Encounter With The Unknown)
Max stats 99
Max ASPD 191
Instant Cast 150 DEX
Party Share Limit 15 levels
Party Share Bonus +10% per member
Multi Client Max 3 (three) clients
Protection Gepard Shield 3.0
Server Rates
Base / Job / Quest / MVP EXP х3-x10
Items drop rate х3-x10
MVP cards
Unique Systems
Battle Royal
Memory Bonfire [ read more on Wiki ]
Nightmare Mode
Daily & Weekly Quests
EXP and Drop Rate settings
Map Discovery System
Available NPC
Job Master
Teleportation Stone (Warper)
Available Commands [ read more on Wiki ]
@settings @combine @myrates @count @cards @support
@autoloot @alootid @hold @refresh @autotrade @afk @emotion @dance @duel
@rates @time @showexp @mobinfo @iteminfo
@whereis @whodrops @hominfo @homstats
Battle Royal: @spectator @gettime @getspot
In addition:
· Participate in the first world RO Royal Battle. [ learn more ]
· Collect cards and complete achievements to receive passive bonuses on your entire account.
· Explore the world and unlock locations for teleportation stone usage.
· When leaving the game, leave your character training to gain experience upon returning.
· All equipment dropped by monsters is already determined.
· All achievements are completed once and counted on your account.
· Set the server rates for yourself.
· When battling MVPs, PVP mode is activated in the location, and automatic item collection is temporarily disabled during the battle.
· Several unique in-game currencies: Blood Points, Stone Shards and Newstyle Coins.
· Classes strengthened: Super Novice, Gunslinger, Ninja, Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Medium.
· Take part in events and win real prizes and rewards.
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