User Agreement dated 01/01/2023
"Rights and obligations of the parties"
The user of the service is obliged to comply with the requirements of the administration and the provisions of this agreement.
Responsibility lies with the owner of the account, regardless of who performed the actions with this account, as well as all accounts that were accessed from the violator’s computer.
The service user has the right to file a complaint through the support service if any clauses of this agreement are violated by other players or the GM, providing appropriate evidence (screenshots, etc.).

The server administration reserves the right:
- Make changes to these Rules without the consent of users.
- Independently evaluate user actions and decide on punishment.
- Make changes to the operation of the server, services and services at your own discretion.
- Monitor and intervene in the gameplay in situations where it is necessary.
- At any time, without explanation, stop providing services to a specific user, subnetwork, or in general.
- Do not return items or money lost as a result of ignorance of the rules of the game, account hacking, kickbacks, etc.
- Any payment for services is completely voluntary and exclusively in the form of donations.

Section I
"Administration Policy"
1.1. Ignorance or misunderstanding of the Rules does not exempt you from responsibility.
1.2. Publication of conversations with the GM, or their content, without prior consent is prohibited.
1.3. Advertising or providing any information about other RO game servers is prohibited.
1.4. If the Rules have been changed, then a previously committed violation of the Rules does not fall under the newly introduced paragraphs of the Rules.
1.5. The server administration does not guarantee uninterrupted operation in the provision of services and services, and is also not responsible for damage that may be caused to users due to failures in communication lines, erroneous use of the services provided, software defects and other actions that may lead to undesirable situations. .
1.6. It is prohibited to sell/exchange/purchase (including attempts) of game values and accounts for real or virtual money. Items sold may be confiscated.
1.7. It is prohibited to exchange (including attempting) game values and accounts for other game projects.
1.8. Transferring the account to other hands (including attempting to) is prohibited. If any controversial issues arise regarding the account, the owner of the account will be considered the owner of the registration mailbox.
Section II
2.1. It is prohibited to make any changes to the client program without the consent of the Server Administration. Otherwise, such a modified client is considered illegal.
2.2. It is prohibited to modify the client to obtain any benefits related to the gameplay.

Related software
2.4. The use of bots or any other programs participating in the gameplay, except for the AI Homunculi settings, is prohibited.
2.5. It is forbidden to register a Homunculus in the AI (if the owner of the homunculus's enchantment is not at the computer for more than 10 minutes):
a) autocast Potion Pitcher on a homunculus
b) Cart Revolution autocast for homunculus targets
c) autocast bolts from Fireblend/Ice Falchion against homunculus targets
d) auto feeding
e) autocast of area magics
e) movement of the alchemist
g) movement of the homunculus outside the alchemist’s field of vision
Points d), g) and f) are prohibited in any case.
2.6 It is prohibited to leave characters with homunculi unattended, or to swing with homunculi without being at the computer. If it is necessary to move away, the homunculus should be removed (Rest).
2.7. It is prohibited to use client/server software bugs to achieve any benefit. You are obliged to immediately notify the administration of errors.
2.8. The use, public distribution, discussion of software and ideas that may disrupt the game process, as well as the operation of the game server in general, is prohibited.
Section III
"Character Names"
3.1. Account name and registration e-mail (email address) - character passport. Only with this information can you count on help from the administration. Also, the email address is direct evidence in identifying all the characters of the violator and their subsequent punishment for serious violations.
3.2. The character's name must be meaningful, readable, and pronounceable. The name must not contain obscene or offensive names. It is prohibited to use the names of Administration characters.
3.3. Offensive postscripts in guilds, as well as party names that insult other players, are prohibited. Chats that insult other players are also prohibited.