Problems and Solutions
Launch and Play
Cannot init d3d or grf file has problem
Open the setup.exe file in the client folder. Select your graphics card and choose the resolution. Try different options for selecting the graphics card/screen resolution.
Layouts, hotkeys, emotions, and other settings are not saved
Log out of the game and log back in. After logging in, fill in the hotkey panel and click 'OK'. Exit the game using the 'Select Character' or 'Exit to Windows' buttons. After doing this, your hotkeys should be saved. Hotkeys are NOT saved when exiting the game using the ALT+F4 key combination.
Why are the loading times between locations so long?
The problem can be solved by changing the graphics device.
Update problems - using file 'filename'.grf
Close all game clients. Uncheck the 'Read-only' option for the client folder. Then run the patcher.
Settings are not saved (throws an error) or the patcher doesn't work
Uncheck the 'Read-only' option for the client folder.
Unable to change game resolution in the client
Uncheck the 'Read-only' option for the client folder. Run the game as an administrator.
The game won't launch
1. Set compatibility mode to Windows XP (SP 3) if you're using Windows 7/8.
2. Windows 7 if you're using Windows 8.1/10.
3. Run the client as an administrator.
How to play on macOS
The easiest way to do this is by using a Windows emulator such as Parallels Desktop.
Pixelated login screen
Uncheck the "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" option in the Setup.exe settings.
Frequent critical errors or game freezes occur
Check the setup.exe file for correct settings for your OS. The main reasons for client freeze/crash, not caused by insufficient gaming resources, are usually: lack of RAM, video card issues, or OS errors. If adjusting settings doesn't help, we recommend consulting the instructions located in the Support\Graphics folder. In some cases with certain video cards, this may help.
Running the patcher
Error 'failed to get the update lock'
Ensure that there are no symbols or spaces in the game folder path. Remove all spaces, including the space in the 'Newstyle Patcher.exe' patcher name and the 'Newstyle Patcher.yml' file name. Avoid placing the game deep in the system; it's recommended to keep the path short and place the game in the root directory of the disk, for example, C:\RO.
Error 'failed to retrieve the patcher's configuration'
Follow all recommendations for the error above. This error indicates that the patcher cannot find the settings file. Make sure you haven't renamed the patcher; the patcher name should be 'Newstyle Patcher.exe', and the settings file should be placed in the game folder as 'Newstyle Patcher.yml'.
The page doesn't load in the patcher, errors appear, and the patcher isn't updating
If you are using an old OS (e.g., Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1),
You need to optimize the patcher; in the game folder, find the Support\Patcher folder and follow the instructions in the readme file.
If errors persist, we recommend installing Internet Explorer 11 and setting it as your default browser.