Update 1.32 [Patch Notes]

By [GM] AcidMarco on 06 July, 2024


- Enhanced the MVP movement mechanics when approaching warps to another location. The mechanic now operates more reliably.
Adventurer's Backpack
- Added new levels for the backpack: 36-50.
36 | +1% Ancient Item Creation Chance
37 | +2% Movement Speed
38 | +5% HP Recovery Rate
39 | +1% Ancient Item Creation Chance
40 | +1% Max HP
41 | +1% Ancient Item Creation Chance
42 | +1% Item Drop Rate
43 | +500 Max Weight
44 | +1% Ancient Item Creation Chance
45 | +1% Max SP
46 | +1% Ancient Item Creation Chance
47 | -1% SP Consumption
48 | +5% SP Recovery Rate
49 | +3% Movement Speed
50 | +1% Fatal Blow Evasion Chance
- Upon reaching level 35, in addition to hunting and gathering blocks, completing a set of tasks will be required. Each level, players receive a task to accomplish in order to upgrade the backpack.
- Monsters necessary to defeat for backpack upgrades are no longer automatically counted from the account's overall counter. Hunting specified monsters is required after unlocking a new backpack level.
- Fully collected item types for backpack upgrades are now highlighted in green in the backpack upgrade dialogue.
- New bonuses introduced:
   - Ancient Item Creation Chance - Amplifies the chance of creating any item by the Ancient Blacksmith.
   - Fatal Blow Evasion Chance - Chance to evade death from physical or magical damage from a target. When triggered, the character remains with 1 HP but does not die.
Quest Board
- Revised the system for transferring quest progress to other characters on the account. Active quests for Battle Royal and Endless Tower will now be displayed across other characters.
- Priest: Now, the top-ranked priest character unlocks two separate skills in the ranking - Mass Blessing and Mass Increase Agility, thereby retaining the ability to use targeted skills. These skills are located in the acolyte skill tree. The SP cost of mass skills has been increased to 100 SP, with a cooldown of 10 seconds. The skill effect is not applied if the character is under the influence of a Blessing Scroll or Increase Agility Scroll with more than 4 minutes remaining. Some mechanics of mass skills have been fixed.
- Tamruan Card: When in the bonfire, additionally provides +15% damage for the Shield Chain skill.
- New items with auras introduced:
   - Sense of Rhythm | Bard Shop
   - Poring Aura | Kafra Shop
   - Ancient Dragon | Royal Battle Shop
   - Stars Waltz | Vote Shop
- @backpack: Now, upon entering the command, you will be prompted to access the backpack menu, even if there are no items in the temporary backpack.
- Improved stability for saving hotkeys and setting guild emblems. (Hotkeys are still saved upon correctly exiting the game via the 'Exit to Windows' button.)