Update 1.31 [Patch Notes]

By [GM] AcidMarco on 01 July, 2024


- Swordsman / Battle HP Recovery now additionally restores HP by (Character Level * 2) HP.
- Ninja / Battle Strike now additionally consumes 30% SP when striking. Damage multiplier against boss monsters reduced from 5 to 2.
- Swordsman / Fixed an error that could cause Battle HP Recovery and Battle Magnum Break talents to work incorrectly. The talents now function properly.
- Swordsman / Battle HP Recovery now additionally restores HP by (Character Level * 2) HP.
- Gunslinger / Disarm and Tracking skills now benefit from the range bonus of the passive skill Snake's Eye.
- Sniper / The sniper bird is now an owl.
Wandering Bard
- Fixed an error in the main bard location where a monster could teleport without reaching its target, preventing event completion.
- Added 9 new concert locations for the bard. In some large locations, monsters summoned by the bard move faster.
- Each concert is held in one of ten random locations.
Priest Ranking
- Introduced a Priest class ranking system.
- Ranking increases by using support skills.
  - Healing (Heal) (over 500 HP) - 1 rating point, with a small chance of receiving 10 points instead of 1.
  - Status Recovery, Gloria, Magnificat, Assumptio, Suffragium, Impositio Manus, Kyrie Eleison, Aspersio - 1 rating point each.
  - Safety Wall, Sanctuary - 1-2 rating points.
  - Resurrection - 2-5 rating points.
  - B.S Sacramenti, Redemptio - 5-10 rating points.
- Characters ranking 2nd to 10th receive +5% effectiveness to Healing (Heal).
- The character ranked 1st receives an additional +2% effectiveness to Healing (Heal), and Blessing and Increase Agility skills become group-wide. The effects are applied to all group members within sight radius. Group-wide skills always consume 80 SP regardless of skill level and have a fixed cooldown of 3 seconds.
Calendar Rewards
- Now, each player can only receive 20 rewards per month (all calendar rewards).
- After receiving the last reward, the calendar will not automatically refresh the next day, preventing players from receiving rewards again.
- When opening the calendar with all rewards claimed, players are notified in chat that no more rewards can be obtained.
- Players in-game are now notified of calendar reward updates.
- The reward calendar for July has been updated.
Quest Board
- The system for transferring task progress to other characters on the same account has been improved. Progress for MVP Hunting and Elite MVP Hunting tasks will now correctly reflect on another character if progress exists.
- Introduced Void Shine, a chip item that allows players to save and apply auras of certain items without taking up a costume slot. All saved auras are stored on the chip and linked to the account. Initially, it comes with the Void Black Orbs aura.
- Void Shine can be crafted using a blueprint or purchased ready-made from the Kafra Shop. The blueprint for this item can be obtained from the reward calendar in July.
- Introduced an item with the Void Black Orbs aura, required for creating Void Shine. This item drops from Abyss monsters (champion monsters and Abyss MVPs) with a low chance or can be purchased from the Newstyle Shop under Costumes.
- The Black Fluttering Butterfly item can be purchased in the Newstyle Shop under Costumes.
- Item auras (e.g., Black Fluttering Butterfly) can now be saved and applied using Void Shine.
- Two new backpack skins have been added to the Kafra Shop: Brilliant Blue Wings and Poring Syringe.
- Additional card bonuses have been introduced when turned in at the campfire.
  - Tamruan Card: Grants an additional +5% Skill Damage for Shield Boomerang and Shield Chain skills.
  - Necromancer Card: Card bonuses apply regardless of weapon type when turned in at the campfire.
- Fixed an error in special shops where items cost more than two currencies (e.g., quivers, event shops). The weight of purchased items is now calculated correctly, and players are correctly informed if they are overloaded.
- Discounts on items are no longer displayed in the Newstyle Shop if the character already possesses the corresponding skill.
- When opening a new backpack skin, players are now prompted to activate the skin immediately if backpack skin display is not disabled on the account.
- Some in-game notifications have been improved.
- Descriptions of some skills have been corrected.