Update 1.29 [Patch Notes]

By [GM] AcidMarco on 07 June, 2024


- The MVP behavior system has been improved when a warp is nearby. Now, MVP more stably avoids approaching warps by using teleportation. An issue has been fixed where MVP could use teleportation upon death or when encountering an NPC that wasn't a warp.
- Chests now also drop from MVPs summoned through the skill "Abracadabra."
Void MVP
- After the death of Void MVP, teleporting to the MVP's death map will be unavailable for 5 minutes using the Teleportation Stone.
- Items dropped on the ground in the presence and death locations of Void MVP have a 5-minute lifetime.
- The skill "Greed" does not work at Void MVP map and for some time after the MVP's death.
Memory Bonfire
- Added a collection of "Secrets of Ancient Ruins" cards. Bonus: +0.1% Chance to trigger the "Class Change" skill when using the "Abracadabra" skill.
Quest Board
- MVP Hunting and Elite MVP Hunting quests now operate under standard mechanics, with an MVP kill counter appearing in the top right corner of the screen. Kills will be credited to all players within the radius for quest progress. The MVP Hunt quest has a shared MVP kill counter.
- If a player is in a group and is undertaking an MVP hunting quest, and their target is an MVP, then the radius in which group members will receive credit for killing the monster is tripled (three screens).
- The mechanics for taking/turning in Endless Tower quests have been updated and optimized.
- Rewards for completing Elite MVP Hunting and Endless Tower quests have been recalculated.
- Quests assigned to the account are also displayed on other characters on the account if they have not been completed.
- MVP Hunting, Elite MVP Hunting, and Endless Tower quests can only be taken on one account.
- A wiki article has been prepared containing information on all board quests (read wiki).
Daily Tower
- MVPs now appear in the Daily Tower according to their MVP ranks (see table on the wiki page).
- On the easy difficulty level, MVP monsters do not receive enhancements, while on the medium difficulty level, MVPs are enhanced by 50%.
- Rewards for the Daily Tower have been recalculated. Increased Newstyle Coin rewards are given to each player. Upon completing the Daily Tower, players can now receive Special Boxes containing seasonal boxes. Special Boxes are distributed to the group, and their distribution occurs at the start of the Daily Tower. If it's not possible to evenly divide the group reward among each member, any remaining rewards are randomly distributed among group members, with priority given to the group leader. This distribution occurs at the start of the daily tower, and each player must complete the tower to receive their share of the distributed reward. If a group member leaves the Daily Tower, their reward cannot be claimed by another group member and will be lost. Special Boxes are placed in a temporary backpack upon receipt (@backpack).
- Additionally, after completing the Daily Tower, characters receive a certain amount of experience that is shared with the homunculus and can only be increased by having premium status and account rate settings.
- The wiki article has been updated accordingly (read wiki).
Sage Rank
- The Sage class ranking system has been introduced.
- The rating increases by using the Abracadabra skill. Every 10 uses of the skill increase the rating by 1, and successful class changes of a monster to an MVP increase the rating by 10.
- Characters ranking 2nd to 10th in the rating gain a +0.1% chance to trigger the "Change Class" skill when using Abracadabra.
- The character ranked 1st gains a +0.2% chance to trigger the "Change Class" skill, as well as an additional +20% chance to summon an MVP II instead of I.
- On the 1st of each month at 00:00 server time, the rank is reset.
- The rank can be viewed using the command @rank.
- The Abracadabra skill now has a fixed chance to trigger the "Change Class" skill, allowing the transformation of a regular monster into an MVP, at 0.2% when the skill is learned up to level 8. At levels 9 and 10, the chance increases by 0.1%. Additionally, the Sage Rating influences the chance of summoning an MVP.
- The "Change Class" skill can summon any MVP in the game. The higher the MVP rank, the lower the chance of summoning it. MVPs summoned using the "Change Class" skill have maximum strength, equivalent to five hours of MVP lifetime.
- When using the "Change Class" skill, the caster is highlighted with special effects, and the monster transformation process now includes accompanying visual effects. The skill's name is now displayed as "Change Class," previously '????'.
- Taekwon Master / Battle Running now provides the following bonuses: (1) The Spurt status additionally gives +3 to all attributes, (2) The duration of the Spurt status is doubled.
- The @rank command has been introduced, allowing viewing of Sage ratings. Currently, this command is only available to the Sage class and its derivatives.
- In the @combine command, it is now possible to combine Battle Manuals. For 5 of the same level Battle Manuals, one can obtain a manual of a higher level. The manuals obtained during the combining process will be account-bound.
- An issue has been fixed where it was impossible to equip the Crimson Bow on a Thief.
- The Bloody Branch can now summon an MVP of any grade. The lifetime of an MVP summoned using this item is 30 minutes.
- The Ancient Branch can now summon any MVP not lower than grade II. Chests may drop from MVPs summoned using this item. The lifetime of an MVP summoned using this item is 60 minutes.
- Descriptions of certain items have been corrected.
- A rewards calendar for June has been introduced.