Update 1.28 [Patch Notes]

By [GM] AcidMarco on 31 May, 2024


- MVP monsters are divided into ranks. All MVPs of a certain rank have the same initial max HP.
  x Rank I: 666,666 HP - Eddga, Bacsojin, Garm, Evil Snake Lord, Golden Thief Bug, Doppelganger, Dracula, Drake, Incantation Samurai, Knight of Windstorm, Mistress, Moonlight Flower, Phreeoni, Turtle General, Ygnizem, Gopinich, Maya, Tao Gunka.
  x Rank II: 1,333,333 HP - Baphomet, Dark Lord, Lady Tanee, Lord of Death, Orc Hero, Orc Lord, Osiris, Pharaoh, RSX 0806, Thanatos, Vesper.
  x Rank III: 2,222,222 HP - Amon Ra, Lord Knight Seyren, Assassin Cross Eremes, Whitesmith Harword, High Priest Magaleta, Sniper Shecil, High Wizard Katrinn, Atroce, Detale, Kiel D-01, Boitata.
  x Rank IV: 6,666,666 HP - Nidhoggr's Shadow, Valkyrie Randgris, Tendrillion, Ktullanux, Hardrock Mammoth, Gloom Under Night, Fallen Bishop.
  x Rank V: 9,999,999 HP - Beelzebub (final form), Entweihen Crothen, Ifrit, Celine Kimi, Naght Sieger.
  x Rank VI: 16,666,666 HP - Wounded Morroc.
- Under the influence of the Void, MVP monsters with natural respawn points (all MVPs except Nidhoggr's Shadow, Ktullanux, Entweihen Crothen, Naght Sieger, Celine Kimi) become stronger.
- Every hour MVPs increase their strength - HP and ATK by 10%, and DEF and MDEF by 1 to 2 points per hour. At the moment of increasing MVP's strength, its HP is restored by 100%. MVP can increase its attributes no more than 5 times. When an MVP dies, its strength resets. During server maintenance when the server is shut down for maintenance work, the current strength of MVP is preserved.
- MVPs summoned using an Ancient Branch or Dark Branch item have maximum strength equivalent to the MVP's lifespan of five hours.
- In MVP-PVP mode, the Greed skill is unavailable until MVP-PVP mode is disabled at the location.
Void MVP
- Every 13th MVP gains Void power. Its HP and ATK stats increase by 100%, DEF and MDEF by 10 to 20 points. The MVP gains the Ghost element (level 3). If the MVP has an innate Ghost element (level 4), the level of the element remains unchanged. The movement speed of the MVP increases. Void MVPs are not affected by hourly strength increases.
- Void MVP can become any MVP monster with a natural respawn point (all MVPs except Nidhoggr's Shadow, Ktullanux, Entweihen Crothen, Naght Sieger, Celine Kimi). Void MVP also cannot become a monster located in a castle dungeon.
- Void MVP can summon clones that attack characters. The maximum number of clones depends on the MVP's class.
- Monsters located in the same area as the Void MVP use a free path-building mechanic when moving and are not limited by the standard field of view radius.
- After the death of Void MVP, all normal monsters in the area that are not in the process of respawning die and reappear no earlier than 5 minutes after the Void MVP's death.
- When Void MVP appears, the world is notified.
- The appearance of Void MVP differs from others in size and effect.
- Void MVP has additional loot depending on its rank. Void MVPs guarantee Newstyle Coins, Battle Marks, and Stone Shards. The quantity of each type of currency is specified below.
  x Rank I: 12 to 25 with less than 1% chance of Diamond Chest
  x Rank II: 25 to 50 with less than 1% chance of Diamond Chest
  x Rank III: 37 to 75 with a 1% chance of Diamond Chest
  x Rank IV: 50 to 100 with a 5% chance of Diamond Chest
  x Rank V: 62 to 125 with a 25% chance of Diamond Chest
  x Rank VI: 75 to 150 with a guaranteed Diamond Chest
- The drop rate of these items is not increased by modifiers and bonuses affecting the character (premium, chewing gum, and others).
MVP Chests
- MVPs can drop Bronze Chests, Silver Chests, or Golden Chests, depending on their rank. Only one chest can drop from an MVP.
- The higher the MVP rank, the higher the chance of obtaining a higher-tier chest.
  x Rank I: Golden/Silver/Bronze - 1/5/25
  x Rank II: Golden/Silver/Bronze - 5/15/35
  x Rank III: Golden/Silver/Bronze - 10/20/50
  x Rank IV: Golden/Silver/Bronze - 15/30/guaranteed
  x Rank V: Golden/Silver/Bronze - 25/guaranteed Silver or Bronze
  x Rank VI: Golden/Silver/Bronze - 50/guaranteed Silver
- MVPs, including those with non-natural respawn points (Nidhoggr's Shadow, Ktullanux, Entweihen Crothen, Naght Sieger, Celine Kimi), can drop chests.
- MVPs summoned using a Bloody Branch item do not drop chests in Daily Tower and Endless Tower (except Entweihen Crothen, Naght Sieger).
- MVPs summoned using an Ancient Branch item can drop chests.
- The drop rate of these items is not increased by modifiers and bonuses affecting the character (premium, chewing gum, etc.).
Bio Lab
- MVP monsters in Bio Lab now spawn using the same mechanics as other MVPs in the open world. Defeating them can yield Newstyle Coins. Their strength increases over time.
- The respawn time for these MVPs ranges from 100 to 130 minutes. The MVP monster class (ID) is no longer reset after server maintenance. After defeating an MVP, one of six random MVPs spawns at the location.
- The Convex Mirror item displays the coordinates of these MVPs, and if an MVP is dead, it shows the time until its next appearance.
- After defeating an MVP, a tombstone appears.
- Each MVP class (ID) has its own death counter. When the 13th MVP appears, it gains Void power. The monster's stats increase according to the previously mentioned mechanics.
Champion Monsters
- After defeating 40 to 80 monsters at a location (previously 50 to 100), a champion monster is summoned. After defeating the 80th monster, a champion monster is guaranteed to be summoned.
- On large locations with a length and height greater than 250 cells, no more than 5 champion monsters can be summoned. On all other locations, no more than 3 champion monsters can be summoned.
- Iceicle and Draco Egg monsters can no longer become champion monsters.
- Champion monsters now have a different appearance from regular monsters, with a larger size and special effects.
Battle Royal
- Three difficulty levels have been introduced for the Royal Battle (easy, medium, and hard). Upon entering the lobby, players can vote for the difficulty level of the current match. The choice of difficulty level is final. If a player leaves the lobby before the match starts, their vote will not be counted.
- The difficulty level is chosen based on voting. If there are an equal number of votes for multiple difficulty levels, the difficulty level will be randomly selected from the ones with the most votes. If no one votes for any difficulty level, the default will be set to medium difficulty.
- On the easy difficulty level, characters receive +20 to all attributes, +10% movement speed, but earn 50% fewer battle points.
- On the medium difficulty level, characters receive +10 to all attributes and the standard amount of battle points.
- On the hard difficulty level, characters do not receive bonuses but earn 25% more battle points.
- Treasure chests now use standard path-building mechanics and do not move long distances.
- After exiting the Royal Battle (or academy), re-entry is possible no sooner than 10 seconds after returning.
- In case of character progress save errors, players are notified, and entry into the Royal Battle (or academy) is canceled.
- No rewards are given for matches completed too quickly.
- Fixed an issue where skills were not learned in the Royal Academy's constructor and equipment was not provided.
- Upon exiting the Royal Battle, the time counter reset mechanism until the next Newstyle Coin is received has been improved.
- Upon entering the Royal Battle (or academy), icons for open-world bonuses (premium, experience settings, calendar bonuses, etc.) are not displayed.
- Some basic Royal Battle mechanics have been fixed.
Royal Scrolls
- The mechanics of using Royal Scrolls have been changed if the item acquisition mode is selected.
- After simulating monster hunting, items obtained are now placed in a temporary backpack instead of going to the character's inventory or mail.
- Using the @backpack command, players can view items in the backpack and move necessary items to the inventory through the familiar interface. Items are displayed in priority order: cards, weapons, armor, consumables, and other items.
- The 'Sell all items' button allows selling all items in the inventory at the regular price (without markup skills).
Quest Board
- Only premium status and account rate settings now affect experience gained from the main quest board.
- The mechanics of elite hunting quest acquisition/completion have been updated and optimized. Experience from quests is now shared with the homunculus (if present) and displayed in chat with @showexp activated.
- The mechanics of MVP hunting quest acquisition/completion have been updated and optimized. Now, three MVPs will appear weekly in each difficulty tier. In easy difficulty, Rank I MVPs appear, Rank II MVPs in medium difficulty, and Rank III MVPs in hard difficulty (exception: MVPs from Biolabs). Rewards in Newstyle Coins and Royal Scrolls have been increased for completing quests, with a small chance to receive a Silver Chest and Old Card Album. The number of items received and chances for additional rewards depend on the quest level.
- Weekly MVPs for the current week have been reset. Players who have already completed the weekly MVP hunting quest will have their progress reset, allowing them to take the quest again. Players in progress with the quest will retain their progress, with target MVPs updated according to the current weekly quest.
Memory Bonfire
- Added a collection of Mind Shielding cards. Bonus: Immunity to hallucinations.
- The Antonio Card has been moved to the special cards section.
Events and Activities
- Shiny Porings are now unable to use certain skills. When moving, Shiny Porings use a free path-building mechanic, not limiting themselves to the standard field of vision radius.
- During the bard concert, an MVP of the 1st rank appears in the first wave, a 2nd rank MVP in the second wave, and a 3rd rank MVP in the third. MVPs of higher ranks will not appear during the event. Some concert errors have been fixed.
- The minimum fixed delay of 100ms after using any skill has been removed.
- From the Golden Chest, you can now obtain Bloody Branches, Purified Elunium/Oridecon.
- New items have been introduced as rewards for hunting MVPs:
  x Gold Coin Bag - contains 75,000 - 100,000 Zeny.
  x Bronze Chest - contains Newstyle Coin, Battle Badges, Shard of Stone, or Gold Coin Bag.
  x Silver Chest - contains Newstyle Coin, Battle Badges, Shard of Stone, Gold Coin Bag, Bloody Branch, Purified Elunium/Oridecon, or Card Album.
  x Golden Chest - contains Bloody Branch, Purified Elunium/Oridecon, Card Album, or rare equipment.
  x Diamond Chest - contains Card Album, Newstyle Coin, Battle Badges, Shard of Stone, Credits, Enriched Elunium/Oridecon, Blacksmith's Blessing, Mystical Card Album, or Old Memory Album.
  x Old Memory Album - Upon use, it provides one random unredeemed card to the hearth without consuming the card.
- When opening chests, there is a 1% chance to upgrade the chest tier to the next level (Bronze -> Silver, Silver -> Golden, and so on).
- The cost of Dark Branches in the support shop has been recalculated.
- The automatic reward for participating in WoE 1.0 and 2.0 has been changed. Instead of Winter Boxes being sent to the account's mail, a Bronze Chest or Silver Chest will be received. The wiki article has been updated accordingly. (read more)
- NPCs creating arrow quivers and bullet boxes no longer have dialogues. Interaction opens the interface for purchasing quivers or boxes for materials and Zeny.
- The job master now mentions that the reset cost doubles upon full reset.
- Some item and skill descriptions have been corrected.
- Some errors on the website have been fixed. The server wiki link has been moved to the top menu under 'Useful'.