Update 1.27 [Patch Notes]

By [GM] AcidMarco on 19 May, 2024


Battle Royal
- Monsters use a free pathing mechanic when moving, not limiting themselves to the standard sight radius.
- On Saturdays and Sundays, the bard now performs for adventurers 4 times at 11:01, 14:01, 17:01, and 20:01 server time. During bard concerts on weekends, players can additionally obtain Battle Badges from monsters with a 3% chance (first wave), 6% chance (second wave), 9% chance (third wave). MVPs guarantee Battle Badge drops: 3 badges (1st wave), 6 badges (2nd wave), 9 badges (3rd wave). Elemental Poring monsters do not appear during bard concerts.
- Elemental Porings no longer spawn in the city of Einbech.
- An issue with counting remaining monsters at bard concerts has been fixed. The monster count now updates correctly after each wave.
Teleportation Stone
- The cost of teleporting to any MVP location is now 5 stone shards. Players are notified of this cost when attempting to teleport to an MVP location. The reminder can be disabled in the teleportation stone dialogue.
Job Master
- Players can now acquire skill points that were not obtained when changing to their first class (when transitioning to a second class, e.g., at level 40). This feature is available only for expert classes, Soul Linker, and Star Gladiator. If a character has no available skills (having transitioned at level 50), this function will not be displayed in the menu. These skill points can only be used in the skill tree of the first class. If a player is not interested in this feature and does not want to see it in the Job Master menu, they can disable it in the dialogue with the Job Master or in the account settings.
- Cost: 500,000 Zeny per skill point, additional cost of 50 x Newstyle Coin or 1 x Neuralizer (regardless of the number of skill points purchased).
- When purchasing skill points, all skills are reset, including saved builds.
Newstyle Coin
- A timer has been launched in the top right corner of the screen, granting 1 Newstyle Coin to the account for every full hour spent in the game.
- The total gameplay time is cumulative across the entire account; logging out or switching characters does not reset the timer.
- Characters engaged in autotrade or AFK training do not accrue gameplay time.
- The timer operates on one of the player's accounts, based on which account was first logged into the game.
- Automatic coin accrual stops once the account balance reaches 300 Newstyle Coins or higher.
- A maximum of 12 coins can be awarded per day to an account. Progress towards rewards can be tracked in the Newstyle Shop dialogue.
- The coin counter resets at 04:00 server time daily.
Champion Monsters
- Under the influence of the Void, it has become possible for Champion Monsters to appear in all regular locations.
- After defeating between 50 and 100 monsters at a location, a Champion Monster will be summoned, accompanied by a special sound effect. Upon defeating the 100th monster, a Champion Monster will be guaranteed to spawn.
- Plants, Boss Monsters, and monsters that are summons of other monsters are not counted towards the total number of defeated monsters at a location.
- Any monster inhabiting a location can become a Champion Monster, as long as it is not a Boss Monster, plant (such as Red Plant, Yellow Plant), or a monster that can summon other monsters (like Mastering, Vocal).
- There can be a maximum of 3 Champion Monsters present in a location at the same time.
- A Champion Monster has 10 times more HP, its attack stats are increased by 5 times, and its base characteristics and attack speed are enhanced. Champion Monsters are distinguishable from regular monsters by their larger sprite size and a suffix in their name (e.g., Void Lunatic).
- Defeating a Champion Monster yields 10 times more EXP and JEXP, and the chance of item drops, including cards, is increased by 100% (compatible with other item drop rate bonuses).
- Champion Monsters may also contain a Bloody Branch (0.01% to 0.5%) or Old Card Album (0.01% to 0.25%). The drop rate depends on the level of the Champion Monster, which corresponds to the level of the original monster. The drop rates for these items are not affected by character modifiers and bonuses (premium, bubble gum, etc.). When special items drop, the world is notified. A Stone Shard is guaranteed to drop from a Champion Monster.
- Shiny Porings have appeared in cities, fields, and dungeons.
- 2 Shiny Porings spawn in cities, while 3 spawn in fields and dungeons.
- After a Shiny Poring is defeated, it respawns after 1 hour.
- Upon defeating a Shiny Poring, characters receive 5000 EXP and 2500 JEXP, with a 10% chance of receiving a Newstyle Coin. The drop rate of Newstyle Coins is not affected by character modifiers or bonuses (premium, bubble gum, etc.).
- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to reset the first 2 talents of the Swordsman.
- Corrected the functionality of the Battle Double Attack talent when attacking with katars. Now, when the double attack triggers with this talent, double damage will be dealt from the main hand and damage from the off-hand as well.
- It is now possible to change classes without redistributing talent points. However, the condition remains that all regular skill points must be allocated before changing classes.
Adventurer's Journal
- The prompt to activate premium promo for new players no longer appears automatically. This feature has been moved to the Adventurer's Journal, which can be accessed and read in the account settings menu.
- Upon reading a new page of the journal, adventurers receive a reward or bonus.
- If an adventurer has unread journal pages, they will be notified upon logging into the game.
- Some rewards or bonuses are account-bound, while others are available to all adventurer accounts. The conditions are communicated through a dialogue window.
- All adventurers on the server now have access to a 3-day trial premium subscription. This journal page will appear if the premium subscription is not active. If the premium subscription is active, the offer can be used after its expiration.
- The mechanics of the Token of Siegfried item have been rewritten. The resurrection mechanics have become more stable. The evaluation of the character's death circumstances is now done at the moment of death, rather than at the moment of resurrection when some data may have already been lost.
- The description of the Crimson One-Handed Staff item has been corrected. The item originally provides a percentage increase to MATK (15%), with no other changes.
- The description of the Crimson Two-Handed Staff item has been corrected. The item originally provides a percentage increase to MATK (25%), with no other changes.
- The weight of the Assaulter Lance item has been corrected and now correctly shows 400.
- Rideword Hat can now be equipped by novices.
- Discounts from corresponding skills are no longer displayed for items in special shops without a set currency (such as the Newstyle Shop).
- The descriptions and incorrect parameters of certain basic/costume items have been fixed.
- The @ltp command has been introduced and is available to players with a premium account.
- @ltp: displays the coordinates of the last teleportation point on the map in chat and shows the point on the mini-map.
- @ltp on: automatically displays the point on the map from which teleportation was done on the mini-map during teleportation.
- @ltp off: disables automatic display of points on the mini-map and clears any previously displayed markers.
- Activation of the command is also available in the account settings under 'Commands and Functions'.
- Wiki articles regarding commands have been updated accordingly.
- Novices and Merchants can no longer become Void Clones.
- Some sound effects have been changed.