Update 1.26 [Patch Notes]

By [GM] AcidMarco on 04 May, 2024


- Access to the castle during WoE is unavailable through multiple windows. If a player is inside a guild castle using multiple windows, the character from a random window will be sent to the save point at the start of WoE. After guild summoning into the castle, the character from a random window will also be sent to the save point.
- Now, weapon and armor bonuses from the Newstyle Shop, ancient equipment, and ancient sets are available in WoE 1.0.
- It is no longer necessary to allocate talent points before learning skills. The requirement to allocate talent points will appear only if all skill points have been allocated, leaving only talent points.
- When using the Upgrade Weapon skill, you can now access the blacksmith interface. To access the blacksmith interface instead of the regular one, you need to activate this feature in your account settings (Settings -> Others). When upgrading weapons through the blacksmith interface, the bonus from the blacksmith professional level will also apply (only for weapon upgrades). The entire upgrading mechanic remains unchanged (including rating increases).
- New basic skills are not displayed in the Royal Battle.
- The Jack Treasure item has been renamed to Autumn Box.
- Orange and Purple Guarana Candy have been added to the first group of items in the Autumn Box and Winter Box.
- A Special Box has been introduced, which can be exchanged for Autumn Boxes or Winter Boxes. The Special Box comes in a letter along with credits as a thank you for supporting the server.
- A reward calendar for May has been introduced.
- The donation page on the website has been updated, and bonuses have been specified.
- An error related to activating promo premium access has been fixed.